Summer Fashion Faves!

Heyy heyy!

So we are smack in the middle of Summer here in Zimbabwe and there are a few things I have found myself reaching out for ever so often! I’m not really a fashion person so you’ll see that I tend to keep it very simple and I’m never really following the current trends. Tell me I’m not the only one! On top of that, Kumbi, the tomboy always happens to peep through no matter how much I try to be girly. It only ever lasts a day or two! haha!

But I must commend myself, Kumbi (2018) is waaaaaayyyy better compared to Kumbi (2013) in terms of dressing! The glow up has been real and we are grateful! So there are 3 fashion items I am absolutely loving this summer!

The Burgundy Hat


This hat just gives any outfit that “kaThing” you know! Whether you’re wearing something very casual or you’re dressed up, this hat turns any outfit from a 10/10 to like a 12/10. It’s that accessory you never knew you needed until you have it! And there’s just something about the colour Burgundy. You don’t quite get the same effect with the same hat say in Black, although I do want to collect all the colours!

The T-Shirt Dress

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-12 at 14.32.23

So I was gifted 2 of these T-shirts which are XLs therefore they’re pretty much dresses on me! I am absolutely in love with them! With this Southern African heat, all I want to wear is something light and free and the T-Shirt dress is just that! I’m sure it could be dressed up but obviously Kumbi being Kumbi it’s always gonna be a casual chilled Tomboy-ish look. How would you dress it up though?

The Rings

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-12 at 14.42.47

I’ve never been a jewellery/accessories person. I generally forget to wear jewellary, even studs. Don’t even try me with necklaces. I only have 2 that I reach out for once in a while. Usually only after mum has commented on how bare my chest looks in whichever outfit I’m wearing. So how am I here listing rings as my top fashion pieces this summer? Beats me! I got this set of about 8 rings and midi-rings from Forever 21. Only because they were on sale but mann! I never take them off now. I feel like they always gives my outfit this bohemian feel. This I’m an “authentic bad-bad” look and I love it!


And that’s all the pieces put together! It’s a whole vibe! What are your go-to fashion pieces this summer?
Let’s have fun, discover & share!


Photo Cred : Takunda Chipara

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