Taking Stock FIVE

Hey Lovelies!

Yes it’s your girl being consistent! Woop woop! I’ve jumped back on my Taking Stock wagon which I had fallen off of. I fell off a lot of things to be honest but that’s not the point. This month I took time to just reflect on where I ‘m at after about 2 months of just floating. And here it is!


Making: decisions. I have loved being back home and I was so hopeful for Zimbabwe. But as it stands I’m not sure if this is the right environment for any young person trying to make it. I am absolutely grateful for what I have going on and the opportunities that have come my way. However I also have certain goals for myself that are hard to attain in Zimbabwe where you don’t even know what the money you have in the bank is worth. It may be time to go. Decisions are definitely being made.

Drinking: in this very moment, Rooibos tea with no sugar and no milk. Just water and the teabag. Try it! It’s actually really good.

Wanting: 27 hour days and 4 day weekends! Hahaha I honestly feel like I don’t enough time to get everything done and when the weekend comes it just flies by so fast! Am I the only one??


Wasting: talent. I have had this nagging thought that I can do so much more in the creative industry. But not just me. Zim creatives as a whole. We are so talented but I feel like we are so scared to put ourselves out there. We want it to always be perfect and blow up just like that. So much that we miss the step where we build. Instead we just sit and wait. We can do so much more and I am so excited to see and watch people who are making these moves! I hope I start to do more too. And part of that is being consistent with my blog again.

Wishing: I could be gifted one of these new iPhones, the XR maybe? Or even the 8 plus. That and a Visa to Canada, or States, or England or Australia or,,, or,,, and. I have been wishing to just leave Zim. But I read a quote just an hour ago that got me thinking.

It read “Beware of Destination Addiction – a preoccupation with the idea that happiness is in the next place, the next job, with the next partner. Until you give up the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are.” It hit home! I’ve been so preoccupied with the idea of life being better elsewhere. Although this could be the case I should still make the most of my time here and find he happy in all circumstances.


Enjoying: listening to music through my Bluetooth Headphones! Like why didn’t anyone tell me how convenient they are! Now I can wash dishes without worrying about my phone falling into the water. Bliss!

Reading: sadly nothing. Well I did start The Subtle Art of Not Giving a ****. But I’m not serious. Gotta do better!

Loving: ohhh my gosssh! I’ve been loving Just Katleho & Joanna Kinuthia. Their content is just bomb! I’m here for it! Them and the Ingram’s Tissue Oil Cream. It’s been working so well for my skin.

Excited: about my business. It scares me and excites me at the same time! It’s definitely a journey this! Can’t wait to see it grow more and make more of a difference in the lives of people who come into contact with Flourish By TeteH


Needing: Nothing in this very moment. I am content.

Wearing: My White T-shirt dress and… and… and! I’m definitely gonna do a separate post on this. My summer fashion faves! And on that note I think I have finally discovered my personal style. I am definitely more confident in myself. Great feeling this but we’re still figuring it all out.

Feeling: so happy. Thanks B.

Listening to: new music. I have been playing random playlists on different platforms and just vibing. It’s so dope discovering new tracks that are just dope you know!

How do you reflect on where you’re at and just be in the moment? Please do share your methods in the comments section.

Let’s have fun, discover and share!



Photo Cred : Takunda Chipara a.k.a theafricanselfiestick of Parras Photography. I have literally been watching his photography over the last year or so and he is just amazing! I am so honoured to have had this shoot with him and his future excites me. He such a down to earth person who works magic! You should definitely get in touch with him if you need to capture some beautiful moments!



  1. I just went through your taking stock posts and I love seeing your growth with each post. Also makes me take stock of my own life..maybe I should be brave enough to share that on my site. Keep flourishing girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It’s been quite a year! And It’s good to know that the growth is visible through my writng. I should go back and read through them myself. And yes! Try it! It really helps you figure out where you’re at. And take us on the journey with you when you’re ready😊😄


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