Taking Stock FOUR

Hey Lovelies!

It’s been a young minute! So much has happened and basically I haven’t even had time to reflect. Funny that I sat down to do this 2 days before my birthday. It’s like God was just preparing me for this next chapter of my life. Do you ever feel like that sometimes?

Anyway join me as I reflect on where I’m at right now. It’s an interesting place full of uncertainty, transitions, tears, joy & contentment and everything in between. It’s growing up and learning all of life’s lessons.



Making: SHOES! Lol So yeah I started my own little business last month called Flourish By TeteH. And the first product I’m making are cute customised casual shoes. I am still amazed at how everything has worked out. I can definitely tell you when I did the last Taking Stock and I was talking about planning my future and hoping it would work out, this was not it. This was not the plan at all but God really has His way and it happens all in His time. I am absolutely grateful.

Drinking: tea. Lots of it. It’s winter now and I’ll do anything to keep me warm. My current go to is Rooibos tea with fresh lemon, a ginger, moringa and lemongrass paste with honey or sugar. Which tea are you loving at the moment?

Wanting: to pay the bales (mabhero) a visit for jerseys mainly but well, business first. Gotta make the omeny first right?

Wasting: not time. I can gladly tell you that. Ever since I left my job I feel more fulfilled. I actually feel the need to use my time wisely. And contrary to previous realities, I now feel like I don’t have enough time in a day. So much to do so little time, but each activity is well worth spending my time on!

Wishing: Honestly. I wish someone would just give me a 2k loan which I wouldn’t have to return. Ya feel me?!


Enjoying: She’s Gotta Have It on Netflix. Nola really reminds me of myself. A young black woman trying to realise her self-worth, scared of commitment, broke a lot of the times, but still somewhat happy, living life on the edge but still caring what people think. She goes on to date 4 people (3 men & a woman) but well I’m not there. (Lol sorry if I spoilt it for you.)

Reading: The Defining Decade by Meg Jay. If you are in your twenties this is a must-read. It will change your perspective on life and everything it has been/can offer.

Loving: my new church. I recently started going to New Life Covenant Church. It has definitely helped me on my spiritual journey. Onwards and upwards!

Hoping: that everything comes together. I know I have been going on about things going well but there are some other things in the pipeline that are still not clear yet. I really just hope it all comes together. This story will be an exciting one to tell!

Excited: about my studio which I haven’t started working on but because I am a DIYer you will definitely go on this renovation journey with me. It’s absolutely exciting!


Needing: my skin to clear up. Am I the only person struggling with their skin this winter? This last week has been particularly bad. The eczema is worse and my face has a rash. I’m really not here for this! However my Cocoa Butter with Vanilla Essential Oil by ManeTain Organics has been so good for my skin. It really does keep it moisturised and smooth.

Wearing: socks are like my favourite piece of clothing right now. Every outfit should just include socks. For obvious reasons of course!

Feeling: in control. I feel like at this point I’m in control of how everything is going. Where I’m at. How I feel. I just feel like I’m in control.


Listening to: Gracefully broken by Tasha Cobbs, Best Life by Cardi B, Suh Different by Patoranking & Said by NastyC x Runtown. Basically all on repeat in no particular order! All linked so go ahead and listen to them to.

My soundtrack for this season of my life has been Zadzisa by Janet Manyowa. For God says in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and future”. God will fulfill His plans for you in His time and in His own way. We may plan our own futures but He ultimately has the last say, so we just need to get to a place where we allow Him to do His will with our lives. Who are we to say no to what God says yes or vice versa.

How has this first half of the year been for you? Let’s have fun discover and share!


And remember, YOU ARE GOLD!


Photo cred – @OnyxByTirivashe
He is purely amazing! This was one of my most daring shoots yet!



  1. Girl I am late to the party but I love this post either way. I love that you started your own business I have been trying to step out and you just gave me the courage to start thank you girl.

    Liked by 1 person

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