Manetain the Mane

Hey Lovelies

Some of you may or may not know but this year on the 5th of March I did the biggest of all big chops! Like we took it all the way down. As in no hair. As in nada! Haha! This is literally the beginning of a new hair journey where I am getting to learn my hair all over again and actually paying attention to the mane.

This time I will be sticking to a limited number of products at a time and my main product for my first year of hair growth will be Manetain Organics! I have already been using the Avocado Butter for a month now and there is definitely a significant difference in my hair growth! But let’s save that for another day!

For now get acquainted with the lady herself Lienne, founder of Manetain Organics!

Lienne on the left!

Why did you start Manetain Organics?

I started Manetain out of “shea” frustration of the lack of quality hair products on the local market for afro textured hair. After I had my son I suffered from severe post partum shedding, my hair was a mess. I was devastated and stuck so thats when I started experimenting with my concoctions and my hair started thriving. Gave a few friends to try out my samples and their hair started thriving too. So I thought hey this is the way I can bridge the gap in the market because if im having problems of finding products locally im sure so many others ladies are

What sets you apart from the rest?

Manetain Organics is not just about selling products in a jar. We support and source indigenous raw materials from the lowveld of Zimbabwe which are some of the driest and poorest in the country. We offer women in this area an alternative source of income. We also source ingredients from small women’s cooperatives from around Africa. We also pride ourselves in being a source of information. We blog and film hair tutorials that teach the everyday woman who doesn’t know how to care for her hair well. Our products are organic, plant based and natural. Free from any artificial chemicals and alcohols.

Lienne & Natasha


How long has the brand been alive?

The blog and facebook page were established in 2014. We’ve shared and filmed many video tutorials and shared a lot of information. Official production of the product line started last year in April.

What is your vision for Manetain?

My vision for the company is to be the leading product manufacturer in the country. To put indegenous products on the international market. The same way west Africa has benefited from shea butter is the same way I envision Southern Africa as well. I also want to be the voice to break stereotypes that natural hair is not manageable as well as that it is backward and not beautiful.

And there you have it! If you have any other questions about my hair or Manetain Organics you can leave them in the comments section!

Go and check out Manetain Organics!
Facebook – Manetain Organics
Instagram – @manetainorganics
Twitter – @ManetainOrganic

Until next time! Let’s have fun, discover and share



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