Taking Stock THREE

Hey Lovelies

The last couple of weeks have been a lot. But taking time out to reflect always remains important. Clearly I’d forgotten but here we are!


Making: life decisions that I know I’ve always wanted to make but I was always afraid to take any leaps. Well this month I did just that. I’m leaving my current job and delving into a totally different career path. A part of me just feels like I’m really just going back to my actual path. Where I was meant to be all along, but we’ll see!

Drinking: water! Or at least I’m trying to. My skin has been struggling. I’m pretty sure my water intake or lack thereof is the root cause! So we’re just outchea doing what we need to do! lol

Wanting: the next few months to work out. Desperately.

Wasting: time. Guys 3 months in a row. How can I be more effective with my time and my life please!

Wishing: my hair could grow a little faster. I miss having my hair done. Haha. Patience is key I know, but still. Long hair is nice! Lol

Enjoying: my spiritual journey and my relationship with God. I stay learning so much about myself on a deeper level. It’s forcing me to face my bad sides too and to deal with it. I was so good at repressing certain thoughts about myself, but more and more I am having to face “Me” head on.


Reading: Smart Woman by Sylvia Walker. It’s a book that provides practical tools and advice for women so that we can better control our financial destiny. After having a conversation with a special someone, I realised how reckless I’ve been with my financial life. And it really goes beyond just having money but it’s what you do with the money. And ultimately your life goals and how money can help you reach those goals. It all comes together and well I’ve got a lot of work to do in all those fields. I feel like I’m about to start life all over again. What tips do you have when it comes to finances? How do you deal with your money?

Loving: this app called Deezer. This is where I’m listening to all this new music being released. I’m here for it. Well I’m still on the trial period, but so far I like it!

Hoping: that I do better with my blog and brand from next month. I will have a bit more time (I hope) to build.

Excited: About my trip to Victoria Falls next week. I went when I was a baby so that doesn’t count. Essentially I’m a Zimbabwean who’s never actually seen the Falls.

Needing: a lot of things! But really we won’t get into it. Let’s be grateful for what we have now because we actually have everything we need. Yes? Yes! (NB This was a note to self)


Wearing: Black Leggings. And I need more pairs. Like how convenient are they! I haven’t been trying to “try” lately, so these babies are my go to all the time! Easy outfits! But can also be dressed up if you want to. Perfect!

Feeling: at this present moment HUNGRY. But in life, happy. Ultimately happy

Listening to: PrayerSoul, ExQ and Takura’s new albums. Shoutout to them! The Zim Music industry makes me proud to be Zimbabwean!

How have the last couple of weeks been for you? What goals have you achieved that you’d set out? What music are you loving at the moment? And how do you manage to handle and stay on top of your finances? Please share down below?
Let’s have fun, discover and share!


PhotoCred : Derrick Manieca. You definitely need to check his work out. This was a 5-minute impromptu photo shoot and just see what he did there! I’ve never like studio shoots but I’d definitely go back to him for my next studio shoot!

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