DIY Cement Planters

Hey Lovelies

Man! This post has taken FOREVER to go up. I literally started making these planters in March but only finished the project a week ago. It really is a 2-day project though so don’t worry! This one is a little more hands on/dirty but the results are definitely worth it!

I have wanted to add some life (literally) into my room and there is nothing better than having some succulents to brighten up your space! Enjoy the pictorial and yes I had some help!


What you’ll need:
River sand
Empty containers in different sizes (molds)
Paint/Spray Paint
Masking Tape

Step 1 : Mix 2 cups of Cement with 3/4 cup of river sand.
Step 2: Add water until it is a paste. We eye-balled it.
Step 3: Pour the cement mix into the various molds. Do not fill the molds to the brim because the inside mold will displace some of the cement.


Step 4: Insert the inside mold.
Add rocks/stones or any heavy object into the inside mold to ensure that it stays in place. All these to dry for about 24 hours. Remove the inside mold about 6-8 hours into the drying process.
Step 5: Use Masking tape to create different designs on the planters and paint as you desire. NB Do not do what I did and plant the succulents before you paint.


And these are the results! As you can see I made planters and tea light holders!


And that’s it! I absolutely love how these turned out! Will you be trying this out?
Let’s have fun, discover and share!


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