Taking Stock ONE

Hey Lovelies!

I hope you’re smiling! So I will be introducing this new series to my blog for 2018. Taking Stock. I got the idea from This is Ess’ blog and I always wanted to do it. 3 years later and I’d just never got round to it. Reflection is so important in centering yourself and bringing yourself together. Just getting to know you, you know?! And this is one great way of doing it. And also for you to just get to know me a little more.


30 January 2018

Making: surprisingly nothing at the moment. No DIYS happening right now. That will defs change in Feb! There’s an element missing in my life right now.

Eating: I have been loving Mutakura ( I don’t know what to call it in English. Bean salad? Lol what is mutakura in English?) and only the Mutakura from Bon Marche. Oooo and carrot cake from Vanilla Moon. Finally someone found a way for me to eat vegetables willingly! Haha. I’m actually gonna grab my carrot cake and eat it whilst I write this. (Update. 30 minutes later. I haven’t stood up yet)

Drinking: Roobois Tea. There’s no better way to end the day than with a cup of tea. No sugar, no milk. I should do this more often really. It’s good for the soul!

Reading: The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes & No More Excuses by Sam Silverstein. My goal is to read 2 books a month. Fingers crossed this will actually happen. One thing that is helping is asking myself the question “What have you done today that has brought you a step closer to reaching your goals?” And because reading 2 books a month is one of them, I’m forced to read a chapter. It works!

Wanting: to travel more. I don’t travel enough. I have always had the mindset that travel is so expensive, but ever since I started working in the travel industry, my eyes have been opened. And so, as of February I will experience more and travel more. Starting off with ‘in and around’ Harare. Any place that is not home is traveling right? lol

Wasting: time. I need to make use of all the time I have at hand doing something that will lead me closer to this future I desire. Less Social Media is a must, but it’s hard. There are so many cool people out there man!

Creating: the life I desire. Every day is an opportunity for me to be the person I want to be. And to create the kind of life I want. It’s not easy, because there are people who come through just to derail you from this amazing path. And the hardest part is paying them no mind and just going on. Affirmations have been my best friend and just speaking to myself really J

Wishing: I had a new computer or laptop. So many creative things I want to learn and projects I want to execute but my dearest Charlie (my current laptop) can’t handle the stress any longer. The most we can do is type. Haha!

Enjoying: The person I am becoming. It’s one helluva journey but I’m loving every bit of it. Just putting me first( after God of course) and everything else is just falling into its rightful place. To be honest, it’s actually God just doing His thing within me really.

Loving: this new hair I’m rocking! I’ve never had a funky hairstyle before. 2 thirds of my head is shaved. Like what?! (Refer to cover pic)

Hoping: this year only gets better!

Needing: to be more focused and demolish this thing called procrastination in my life. Am I the only one here? Have any tips for me? Help please!

Wearing: my DIY white tommies everywhere! All the time! And it’s weird coz I’ve never like wearing white shoes but hey! I love them!

Following: some pretty amazing people on Social Media. My favourite at the moment are @riso_jeradi, @chanelambrose, @ravennavera , @stephylately & @wanderlustcalls. You should definitely check them out!

Feeling: AMAZING!

Bookmarking: a couple of podcasts. Okay one by Bri Hall. But do you have any suggestions of other podcasts I should listen to? I like helpful useful content. Just a hint!

Listening to: a whole lot of Travis Greene! His music just uplifts me! My favourites are Made A Way & Be Still!

Here’s to wishing you all, (and me) a fabulous February! Til next time! Let’s have fun, discover and share!



Photo Credit – My brother, MK & Zash (cover image)

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