Hey Lovelies

It’s said that as human beings, human interaction is a key necessity in our lives. And this goes beyond the occasional hellos and small talk. We need friends.


This statement couldn’t be more true. I believe that your closest friends shape who you become as a person. I have seen it happen in mine. So let’s say I’m a typical case study. I’m at that stage in life where adulting has become a real thing and my future is really in my hands. That means I have to be careful of the company I keep around me because these people, their thoughts and values may become my own.

It’s scary to think that the people you keep around you have such a great influence on the person you become. It almost gives them power over you and the worst part is, you’re not even aware of this influence they have over you. It just kinda happens, and you become you.

Friendships have never been my forte or so I thought. I lost so many friends over the years, some through gradual separation, some through stupid issues which I’m even embarrassed to talk about. One friend even broke up with me via Whatsapp (True story!). But I’ve also had some friends who’ve stuck by me, who have forgiven me and who have taught me so much just by being who they are.

And this brings me to my main point. What do you gain from the friendships you have? Do you share the same values as the friends you spend most of your time with? Do they encourage you to be better? Do they support you in your endeavours? Do they teach you life lessons that can take you through? Are they as excited about your bright future as you are? How do you feel after speaking to, or being with your closest friends?

These are all questions that I’ve had to ask myself as I evaluated the company I keep. And I am happy to say I have a solid support system. I cleaned out my closet and the future can only be brighter. My friends without mentioning any names have taught me how to love unconditionally, how to forgive completely, they’ve uplifted my spiritual life, they’ve helped me see the bigger picture and set goals for a solid life ahead, they’ve seen me through the breakups and helped me get back up, they’ve seen me through the glow up to and supported me all the way through. We’ve shared many laughs and tears and we’re still going. I am grateful for you . We may talk everyday, or once every few weeks but you mean the world to me! I sure hope I hold this same place in your lives too!

And in conclusion remember this :

Let’s have fun, discover and share!


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