Hey Lovelies

So I’m even embarrassed to apologise because I’ve already apologised too many times this year. But hey, I’m back again. And I’m a year older! I celebrated my birthday last week, on the 13th of June and I must say this year I  thoroughly enjoyed my birthday. I haven’t felt this way in a very very long time! I didn’t get a car neither was I  taken to Zanzibar for my birthday or anything. I was just happy. I was in a happy place and it’s been a while since I’ve been here.


A couple of  lessons I’ve learned in the past years.

  • Not everything goes your way – Being the last born I always felt that I should always have my way. Growing up, and life told me “Nahh boo!” and it’s actually okay!
  • You are capable of way more than you think!
  • You are not perfect! – So stay in your lane and be the best version of you!
  • Just try! – You’ll never know whether you’ll fail or succeed if you don’t try. Just try!
  • Many people won’t like you. It’s okay. Just keep it moving!
  • If you don’t start the conversation, they won’t either. – The box doesn’t do you any good. Talk, network and rise up! There’s always a lesson to be learned from people.
  • If you feel beautiful, then you are! Claim it! Own it!


  • Never down play yourself! You are probably as amazing as they say you are! – Still practicing this.
  • You have no time to waste. WORK!
  • Always dwell on the positive. – The negative has a great way of weighing you down. Not worth it!
  • The Law of Attraction works! – Speak the life you want into existence. With faith it shall happen. I’ve experienced this first-hand!
  • We all fail sometime, make mistakes, say the wrong thing. Apologise, fix up, get up, keep it moving!
  • You don’t have to like every guy who pursues you! – This! I always felt bad ignoring people but really if you not into it, you aren’t. Don’t feel bad for it.
  • Be yourself, everybody else is already taken!
  • Love yourself! – Take care of you emotionally, physically and mentally. No one else really cares.
  • Love exists. – Be open to love.
  • And lastly – Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep rising. Keep winning. Keep shining, Someone is watching and they are inspired by you!


And a major shout out to these two people who brought me into this world. I love you beyond!

Til’ next time! Let’s have fun discover and share!


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  1. Asha says:

    I recently turned 20 and I think I needed to hear this. Happy belated birthday boo, another year to slay xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tetehumba says:

      Thank you! And happy belated birthday to you! Yeah you can expect to learn many more lessons in your life as the years pass by. These are our 20s. But make the most of it😊😁


  2. raydiantrose says:

    ❤ i'm glad you're at a good place in your life to realise and overcome your worries. wishing you all the best from hereon

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tetehumba says:

      Thank you so much. Being in a good place really helps get me through the tough situations. I’m excited for the year to come! 😊Thank you for reading ❤


  3. Netsai says:

    Love it….”if you don’t start the conversation, they won’t either” Even at the mature age of 35, I can learn from young ones🙌🏾

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  4. ruvadee says:

    Loved this! Particularly love the jean too, where from?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tetehumba says:

      Thanks dear!! You can get a pair from @vintagehippo on IG or @diaryofsmurfdinkie 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ruvadee says:

        Thanks:) Definitely will contact them!


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