Rainy Day Chronicles


Heyy Heyy

So the plan was for a sunset shoot amongst the trees and the grass you know! African themed etc. You get the picture right? yeah! But we got just the opposite! Cloud cover and then rain just as we got there. I was freezing cold, shivering in fact and the rain did not stop! It was quite the experience and I loved every minute of it! Probably because I was working with some super talented people who made the whole experience so exciting! Thank you Tatenda and Paul and our great assistant/my cousin Larry! The results were AMAZING!


By the end of the shoot I was drenched but I don’t regret it at all!

Outfit : White crop top – Mr Price ; Red Skirt – Made by Me

Let’s have fun, discover and share!


You can get in touch with Tatenda here:
Instagram : @tate_megapix
Facebook  : Tate Sasa
Email : tatenda@megapixbranding.com

Paul Banda
Instagram : @paulcharming

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  1. theartofparentinginheels says:

    Lovely shoot

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  2. Beautiful photography

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