Colour Confidence

Heyy Lovelies

So about a week ago, one of my dearest tweeps, Grace, suggested that I should post pictures for the #fullliptwitter tag because I have full lips. Interesting that she suggested that, not knowing that for the longest time I struggled with these full lips.

I have always shied away from colour. They were noticeable already. What more did they need!? And when I did get into it, we stuck to the nudes and browns. Skin tone things you know! Because why must they see your lips from 2kms away? haha.


Anyway who cares! I am blessed with full lips and I will embrace this. I have the ability to actually finish a tube of lip balm and lipstick and I love it! Say what you may, but I love my lips! It took a while but I am here.

One person who has helped me gain this confidence is Jackie Mgido of Vault Cosmetics. Have you seen her full lips and how she rocks colour? You will see Jackie in Orange and she’ll look gorgeous! That MUST be me too representing #fullipgang!

Thanks to my dearest brother,  friends and myself, my lipstick collection is healthy in my opinion and this year I plan on rocking all the colours (except the grey though, that’s pushing it! haha)

This is just part of the collection.

To my #fulllipgang don’t be shy of who you are and what you were blessed with. Rock these colours with confidence babes!


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  1. olita says:

    oh my! you’re so pretty! and you should wear intensive colors on your lips because it looks amazing on you girl! #goals

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    1. tetehumba says:

      Ohh my! Thank you 😊 I definitely will! Thank you for reading😄

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      1. olita says:


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