DIY Makeup Setting Spray

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Yes I’m back so soon! Exciting isn’t it?! I told you in my previous post on the  DIY Tinted Moisturiser, that I would be bringing you a couple of my Makeup DIYS which have worked for me this last year. So here is my second DIY on how to make your own makeup setting spray.

Besides just setting your makeup so that it stays on all day, setting sprays have other advantages. The highlighting and baking concepts have become big in the makeup world. However baking does leave your face looking ashy and powdery. It’s not a good look, but nothing a setting spray can’t fix! The best part about this one is that, you know exactly what you have put in it which is safer for your skin.
Anyway let’s get right to it!


What you’ll need:
Bottled water
Pure 100% Glycerine
Spray Bottle
Rose water (optional)

Step 1) Pour in the glycerine. I put in about 1/5. The drier your skin the more the glycerine. I have pretty dry skin so if your skin is oily then use less glycerine.
Step 2) Pour in the rose water. This is optional.
This was the ratio of the glycerine (Clear at the bottom) and the rose water (pink just above it) to the bottle.
Step 3) Fill in the rest of the bottle with water. Leave enough room so that you can shake the bottle.
Step 4) Close the bottle and SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE!


And there you have it! Your very own makeup setting spray! It’s that simple. I hope you give it a try! Until next time! Let’s have fun, discover and share!



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  1. tineruvimbo says:

    Girl I am so so late to the party. I had started blogging but had not discovered you yet. Girl no joke I love your blog I am trying not to binge read 😂😂😂😂 if there is such a thing but I am saving some for later like be a day but its so hard. Anyway keep up the good work love.

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