Makeover Mania – The Intro

Hey Lovlies

I hope you are all doing great and you are full of smiles! So it’s March and I thought I’d introduce something exciting. Well it’s really exciting for me so you’re just gonna have to join in the excitement! haha!

So I have just come back to varsity and I live in a typical student setting. It’s boring, it’s lifeless and quite frankly it’s embarassing. Living so far from home I’ve decided I need to make my loft, my home and we are going to do this together. I am going to be decorating my loft ON A BUDGET, and this is like a real budget! We are pretty much starting from scratch. I can tell you that all I have is a study desk, a bed, a side drawer and downstairs is literally just a couch. A plain black couch. So these DIYs are going to include the walls, the floor, the tables (if I get one or two… or three), the storage, the little decorations and anything else that can make a boring loft more of a home. As we progress I will be sharing some before and after pics just so you all get an idea of what we are working with .

I am still deciding on a colour cheme and I’ve been playing around with turquoise white and gold. I have gathered some ideas and inspiration off Pinterest. (PS Pinterest is like totally amazing!!! like amazingly amazing!) I’ll share some of the inspiration with you below!



I sure hope you are all as excited as I am now! Lets have fun, discover and share!


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  1. All the best!!! Just started my own makeover room as well…. 🙂


    1. tetehumba says:

      Thank you! Will you be sharing some of it? I’d love to see it! 😀


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